Marvelling at Mangroves: Marvellous Mangroves of Queensland

 Can you imagine a whole class sitting inside a large, inflatable mangrove ecosystem, complete with tunnels in and around the roots and inflated pneumatophores rising from the floor, discussing the animals which live in a mangrove environment?

Or watching a class wearing amazing animal costumes performing a play they have written about the importance of mangroves?  Continue Reading…

Mitakoodi Calendar

Southern Gulf Catchments worked with representatives from the Mitakoodi People to create a seasonal calendar titled “Through our eyes”.  The calendar aims to pass on Mitakoodi traditional knowledge about ways of seeing, understanding, valuing and managing natural and cultural resources, according to Mitakoodi perspectives.

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There’s a lot happening in Gulf Kids’ backyards

More than 100 students gathered in Croydon from across the Gulf to celebrate Gulf Kids Environment Day over winter. Northern Gulf Resource Management Group hosted the event which was themed around the Australian Year of the Farmer, as well as celebrating growing and cooking food at school and home.

Local producer Peter Kennedy from Alehvale Station opened the day with a speech about sustainable farming and what graziers on the Gulf Plains and Einasleigh Uplands are doing to manage their properties sustainably. This was followed by a working collie demonstration by Tom Mauloni, from Mena Creek.

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Bunya Mountains Kids on Country

The ‘Kids on Country’ Program which is run by the Bunya Mountains Murri Rangers got off to a flying start in 2011!

With some seed funding provided through Fauna & Flora International and the Coca Cola Australia Foundation and supported by the Burnett Mary Regional Group, the Department of Education and Training and Education Queensland, the team worked to develop a curriculum based on the culturally significant Bunya Mountains in South East Queensland, before trialling activities with schools. Continue Reading…

Farmers aren’t cowboys, Cowboys tell schools

The Cowboys and CANEGROWERS recently joined forces in a bid to highlight the importance of sustainable farming practices, beginning with our nation’s youth.

Schools now have access to a fun module about one of Australia’s key agricultural commodities – sugarcane.  By learning about sugarcane through the module, Years 5-7 across Australia are eligible to enter their school to win cool Cowboys prizes.

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