Dairy Farming

Managing soil and nutrients on dairy farms

FORTY four dairy farms across central and southern Queensland have had their soil nutrient composition put to the test in 2013, following the roll-out of Soil and Nutrient Management Plans (SNMPs).

The SNMPs have been conducted on farms in Great Barrier Reef catchments, by the Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation‘s ‘Dairying Better N Better’ program. The SNMPs involve consultants working with farmers to look at six to eight paddocks on farm, testing the soil composition across about half a day, followed by another half-day visit at a later date, sitting down farmers and analysing and understanding the soil test results. Continue Reading…

Inaugural Reef Rescue awards recognise top achieving farmers

THE Queensland Farmers’ Federation and the Regional NRM Groups Collective today congratulated the inaugural farmer and grazier winners of the Reef Rescue Awards, unveiled at a ceremony in Cairns this evening (Thursday May 9).

The top achieving farmers have been recognised for their outstanding achievements through involvement in the Reef Rescue program, by completing on farm projects that deliver substantial environmental outcomes and also improve farm productivity.

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Reef Rescue award goes to Monto dairy farmer

Geoff Downie, a dairy farmer in the embattled Monto district of the North Burnett has won the Reef Rescue Dairy award, a project financed by the Burnett Mary Regional Group through the Australian Government’s Caring for Our Country funding scheme.

It’s great to be given recognition by this award – it feels good to know that framers are being appreciated for improving farming technology,” Mr Downie said.

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Dairying Better ‘N Better on YouTube

The Dairying Better ‘N Better team is showcasing a range of the industry’s successful Reef Rescue projects through a new YouTube channel.

The videos showcase the high level of work undertaken by farmers along the Queensland coast and highlight the high value of the projects – both to the environment through improved water quality and to farms and farmers via improved management.

The channel has already had hundreds of views and the Dairying Better ‘N Better team (which is a partnership between the Queensland Dairyfarmers Organisation and Subtropical Dairy) sees it as an effective means of telling the good stories associated with Reef Rescue and general dairy farmer stewardship of the land.

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Dairy Farmers improving practices for productivity and the reef environment

See how dairy farmers are working to enhance water quality flowing to the Great Barrier Reef thanks to the Australian Government’s Reef Rescue Program.